Fact and Opinion Project

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Grade Level
High School
Length of Time
Homework Assignment

In this lesson, the students will read the newspaper and write down specific information that is fact and information that is an opinion. They need to write information that will help them draw an art project to illustrate the facts and opinions they located in the newspaper.


To learn about facts and opinions
To draw a project illustrating the information

Materials Needed

Poster paper for art project
Note Cards
Pencils and Erasers


First, the students will need to read the newspaper and write down specific information they find in the newspaper. The information they gather will need to give them ideas for an art project that will illustrate the Facts and Opinions they located in the newspaper. One way to help them keep track of their information is to write two separate columns and label them Facts and Opinions and record the information they find. They could also use this type of drawing for their art project of Facts and Opinions.

Another example of what they might draw would be a circle in the middle and other circles that connect to the main circle. The middle circle would be Facts, and the outer circles would be the information that support their main idea. Then, they could draw the same example and write Opinions in the middle circle, and the outer circles would be the information that support the Opinions.

When they have completed their projects, they can present them to the class.


You can grade the students on their ideas and the Facts and Opinions that they selected from reading the newspaper and the information they included that supported each topic. You can also grade them on their drawing.

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