Dyed Flower Garden

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Grade Level
Length of Time
50 minutes to an hour

In this lesson, you will teach students to create a dyed flower garden, discuss how plants grow and read Eric Carle's "Tiny Seed."


Students will learn:
How to cut a flower, leaf, stem and sun out of tissue paper.
How to draw dye from colored tissue paper by using vinegar.
Facts about how plants grow.

Materials Needed

Large sheet of heavy, white art paper.
Colored tissue paper.
Blunt scissors.
One copy of Eric Carle's "A Tiny Seed."


Have students cut a flower, leaf, stem and sun out of colored tissue paper.
Give one sheet of art paper to each student.
Show students how to lay the tissue paper flower, leaf, stem and sun on the art paper.
Give each student a container of vinegar.
Show students how to hold the tissue paper cutouts with one hand and paint over them with vinegar with the paintbrush.
The dye from the colored tissue paper will stain the shapes on the white art paper.
While students are creating their dyed flower garden, discuss how plants grow. For instance they need soil, water and sun.
When the students have completed their project read Eric Carle's "A Tiny Seed."
Ask questions about plants and how they grow.


Students will be graded on participation in the project, attentiveness during the story and their answers to the questions on plants.

Students may be given a small reward or a sticker can be placed on their dyed flower garden art project.

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