Learning How To Use Commas

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Grade Level
High School
Length of Time
45 minutes

In this lesson, students will have a study sheet and a worksheet for them to do. They will learn how to use commas in sentences.


To learn how to use commas correctly

Materials Needed

Study Guide that is included in this lesson.
Worksheet that is included in this lesson.


First, you need to explain to the students about commas. After they understand the concept, you can give the study sheet and the worksheet for them to do. When they have completed the worksheet, you can also create a test for them to take so you can make sure they can use commas correctly. Study Sheet on Commas

Commas are placed in sentences where there are two independent clauses joined by a co-ordinating conjunction such as and, or, but, for, or, nor. Let's look at the following sentences.

1. Would you like to go to the movie first or would you like to eat?

2. We can go to the union to sit and relax but we need to clean up the house first.

3. Megan and Christy like to be sneaky and to write in their journals.

4. Penny and Sadey like to play with each other and they like to have their own separate times.

5. I enjoy reading and writing mystery stories.

Which sentences need commas? Be careful. Some of the sentences don't require commas.

If you said that Numbers 1, 2, and 4 require commas, you are right. In sentence number 3 and 5, there are not two complete sentences. Therefore, a comma is not required. Worksheet On Commas Directions: For these sentences, you need to insert the commas in the correct places. Some of them may be correct. If that's the case, write the word correct beside the number.

1. If you would like to go to the store with me please give me a call.

2. I enjoy going shopping eating out watching television and writing.

3. While I watch television I like to chat on the computer.

4. Penny Tippy Sadey and Abby like to chew on their rawhide chews.

5. After we go to the mall would you like to get something to eat?

6. We can go to the grocery store and then we can eat out.

7. It's time for everyone to put their books in their desks and go outside for recess.

8. Christy and Megan like to play outside but they also like to stay inside and write in their journals.

9. Writing mystery stories is my favorite thing to do but I enjoy reading them as well.

10. Suddenly he came across a child dashing across the street.


You can grade them on using the commas correctly.

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