Learning To Use Quotation Marks

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Grade Level
High School
Length of Time
45 minutes

In this lesson, students will learn how to use quotation marks correctly. They will have a study sheet and a worksheet to do.


To learn how to use quotation marks correctly.

Materials Needed

The study sheet I have included in this lesson.
The worksheet I have included in this lesson.
Pencils and erasers


First, you will provide the study sheet for students to review on quotation marks. Then, you will give them the worksheet for them to do. After they have completed the worksheet, you can prepare a test for them on quotation marks to see if they have mastered the concept.

Study Sheet On Quotation Marks

If you are talking directly to someone, you would use quotation marks. Let's look at the following examples. Watch where the end quotes are placed in the following sentences.

1. "Look at the new babies. Aren't they cute?"

2. "Let's go outside and play," Megan said. "Then we can come back inside and write in our journals."

3. "Megan, let's go outside," Christy said.

4. Did you say, "Let's start the meeting now"?

5. Megan asked, "Can we follow Dad again?"

What did you notice about the quotation marks in the sentences?

1. The last part is a question, so the question mark is placed inside the quotation marks.

2. Periods are always placed inside the quotation marks.

3. When using quotation marks, a comma is always placed inside the end quotes.

4. The whole sentence is a question, so the question mark is placed outside of the quotation marks.

5. In this sentence, the question mark is placed inside the end quotes because the whole sentence is not a question.

Worksheet on Quotation Marks

Directions: For these sentences, you need to insert the quotation marks in the correct places. Be careful in punctuating the sentences because some of them might not need quotation marks.

1. Margy, would you like to go to the movies with me this afternoon?

2. Let's go shopping, Jean suggested.

3. While I watch television I like to chat on the computer, Mindy said.

4. Do you like to go to church?

5. After we go to the mall would you like to get something to eat? Cindy asked.

6. Do you enjoy reading mysteries? Carrie asked.

7. It's time for everyone to put their books in their desks and go outside for recess, the teacher said to her class.

8. Christy and Megan like to read and then write in their journals.

9. Writing mystery stories is my favorite thing to do but I enjoy reading them as well, Megan said.

10. Megan asked, Can we go to the movies now?


You can grade the students on using quotation marks correctly.

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