Photo Album

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Grade Level
High School
Length of Time
45 minutes for each class

In this lesson, students will take pictures of different scenes, their family, family activities, or any other pictures that would appeal to readers. After that, they will write something about each picture such as a caption that would describe the picture. This lesson will take more than one class period.


To learn how to take good pictures
To learn how to write captions for the pictures
To put their pictures in a book

Materials Needed

A camera
Plastic folders or other binding of their choice


First, the students will think about the kind of pictures they want to take that would interest other people. They can take pictures of different indoor and outdoor scenes such as their school, neighborhood, home, shopping center, parks, lakes, and other locations that might create some interesting scenes. They can also take pictures of their family, friends, and relatives. Sometimes, catching people off guard can make interesting pictures because the people are more natural than they would be if they pose for a picture. After that, they can take their film to the store where they can develop it and have the pictures put on a CD, so they can load them onto the computer. When the pictures are loaded onto the computer, they can copy and paste each one onto a Word document, so they can write captions under each picture. After they have completed that process, they can print off their pictures on cardstock and make a book for others to view. They can make their books by putting them in a plastic folder, or they can use another method of their choice to protect their photographs.


You can grade their projects on originality, their captions, and how well they put their book together.

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