Word Pairs - Part One

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Grade Level
High School
Special Education
Length of Time
45 minutes

In this lesson, students will learn about different words that cause problems for students. They will have a worksheet to do independently that I have included in this lesson.


To learn about the different word pairs that cause trouble for students

Materials Needed

The worksheet I have included in this lesson
Pencils and erasers or pens


To begin with you need to copy the worksheet that I have included in this lesson, and then you need to explain the word pairs, so that students will understand the difference. Then, you need to pass out the worksheet to each student, so they can work on it independently. After that, you can collect the papers, so you can grade them.

Study Sheet on Word Pairs


Affect - The word affect is a ver, which means to influence or to change.

Example - The weather affected our trip.

Effect - The word effect is a noun, which means result.

Example - Studying our vocabulary words will have an effect on our writing.


There - There is similar to the word here. By thinking of the word here, you can remember which word to use.

The word there means to place something somewhere.

Example - Put the book over there.

The word there has the word here in it. That clue will help you to know which word to use. Example - You can put the book over here.

Their - Their is similar to the word heir. It shows possession.

Example - When his mother passed away, he was an heir. He inherited the house.


Two - Two means the number two.

Example - I have $2.00 (Two dollars) left until payday.

To - To is a preposition.

Example - We will go to the store.

Too - Too means also. We will go, too. (We will go, also.)


Its - Its shows possession.

Example - The cat licked its paws.

It's - It's stands for the two words it is.

Example - It's time for me to concentrate on my writing.


Here - Here means a direction.

Example - Put the book here. Think of the word (here).

Hear - Hear means to listen with your ears.

Example - Can you hear me calling you? Think of the word ear (hear). Ear is in the word hear. Worksheet on Word Pairs

Directions: Choose the correct word in each of the following sentences.

1. The fall (affected, effected) me. I had trouble walking after that.

2. We liked to watch (there, their) television set because it was bigger.

3. We wanted (to, two, too) go to the store, (to, too, two).

4. We like to watch the dogs playing together because (its, it's) fun seeing how they get along.

5. Can you come (hear, here) and see if you can (here, hear) the buzzing sound?

Directions: Write one sentence for each word in the following word pairs: affect/effect, there/their, two/to/too, its/it's, and hear/here.













You can grade the students on the total number correct over the total number possible.

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