Learning Numbers

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Grade Level
Length of Time
30 minutes

This lesson plan is on teaching numbers to kindergarten children and helping them to count by ones, fives, and tens. I have suggestions that you can do with the students.


Students will learn to:
Identify numbers
Identify words
Count by ones, fives, and tens
Match numbers and words
Learn what numbers come before or after a number
Learn how to write the numbers and words

Materials Needed

Worksheets on numbers such as:

Matching numbers and words,

Counting by ones, fives, and tens

What number comes before - Example: _____ 5

What number comes after - Example: 2 _____

Writing numbers and words correctly.


Kindergarten children need to learn about numbers. They should learn to identify numbers, words for numbers, and count by ones, fives, and tens to 100.

You can talk about the numbers and have your children write the numbers. Also, you can have them write the words. As you talk about numbers, you can gather small items and have them count the items in a group. You can also have them match the numbers and words.


You can grade their worksheets by keeping track of the total right out of total number of problems.

Also, you can keep a progress report of the different categories such as: Identifying numbers, Identifying words, Counting, Matching, What number comes before or after, and other categories. That way, you will know what they understand and don't understand.

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