Daily Edit - Lori's New Puppy

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Grade Level
Elementary School
Reading & Writing
Length of Time
30 minutes

This daily editing lesson plan is a short story that I wrote. There are ten Daily Edits for you to give the students. One Daily Edit for each day.


Students will learn:
To watch for misspelled words
To watch for grammatical errors
To edit their own material

Materials Needed

The story in this lesson
Pencils, pens, or markers


You will write the first daily edit on the board. You can copy the story, cut it into sections, and give one section each day to the students, or you can have the students write the sentences in their daily edit notebook.

Then, when they have completed their writing and editing, you can call on volunteers to come to the board and edit the sentences.

You can continue using the story until they complete it. I have organized the Daily Edit so that it would take two weeks to edit.

Here is the story you can use for daily editing It is titled "Lori's New Puppy."

Daily Edit One

Lori Jones, who was four-years-old, had long, straight, black hair. She wanted a puppy to play with since she is the only child. Lori's parents taken her to the Humane Society to by her a puppy. They was greeted by Miss Randall, who was dressed in blue jeans and a red and white stripped blouse. She smiled and asked, "May I help you."

"Yes, we is looking for a pupy for our daughter, Lori. We wants to have a small breed because he will staye inside most of the tyme," Mrs. Jones replied.

Daily Edit Two

"Follow me and me will shows you the dogs we have hear," Miss Randall said, as she opened the door that lead to the cages. As they entered the room, they herd a lot of barking. They looks around and sees several different kinds of dogs.

They saw small dogs like Chihuahuas, medium dogs like poodles, and large dogs like collies. Most of them dogs were mixed breeds such as a cocker spaniel-terrier.

Daily Edit Three

There were all different colors such as black, white, brown, gray, and dogs with a mixture of colors. After they looked around, Lori turned to her mother and said, "I can't find a puppy I like."

Miss Randall turned and looked at Lori and said, "Maybe you'll find one in here." They entered another room and looked around.

Suddenly, Lori saw a small brown and black Terrier-Chihuahua.

"How old is the puppy?" Mr. Jones asked.

"Three months," Miss Randall replied.

"That's a good age. Is he healthy?"

"think he is, but you would half to take him to a veterinarian to make sure."

"Can we see him out of the cage." Mr. Jones asked.


Daily Edit Four

Miss Randall opened the cage, and the puppy ran out and ran around the room. Finally, he ran up to Lori. Lori picked him up, and he licked her. Lori started laughing as she hugged him.

"Lori, are you sure this is the puppy you want?" her father asked.

"Yes, Daddy."

"We'll take him."

Daily Edit Five

As Lori's father signed the adoption papers, he asked, "Can you recommend a good veterinarian."

"Yes. Steve Nelson is good"

"Thank you."

"Mommy, Daddy, I want to name him Toby."

"That's a good name, Lori," her mother replied.

Daily Edit Six

After they left, they went to buy some dog food and other things he would need. Lori and his father went into the store while her mother stayed in the car with Toby. After they looked down the aisle of the dog supplies, Lori asked, "Daddy, look at all of the different kinds of canned and dry dog food. Which kind are we going to buy? There are so many."

"I don't know."

"Maybe we can buy some canned and dry dog food."

"That might be a good idea."

Looking along the aisle, Lori said, "Daddy, Toby needs some treats."

"You could train him and give him a treat after each new trick."

Daily Edit Seven

"Oh boy. I can't wait to teach him tricks." Lori began looking at all of the different kinds of dog food. Maybe we should ask somebody. I know! We can ask the doctor, she thought. "Daddy, Toby's doctor could tell us what to buy."

"That's a good idea. We can go ahead and buy a dog bed and pillow, a collar, a leash, and the dog bowls for the food and water."

Daily Edit Eight

They found a red collar and a red leash for Toby. They also bought two bowls and a dog bed with a pillow.

When they climbed into the car, Lori's father said, "We didn't buy the dog food because we decided to ask the veterinarian what kind."

"That's a good idea," Lori's mother replied.

Daily Edit Nine

After they arrived, they were greeted by the receptionist and Steve, who was a middle-aged, slender man, with short, brown hair. Steve took them into the examination room and examined Toby.

As soon as Steve was finished, he said, "Toby is a healthy puppy. He does need some shots for protection against diseases. He needs a distemper shot and a parvo shot. When he is six-months-old, he will need a rabies shot."

"When we went to the store, we saw so many different kinds of dog food, and we were wondering what kind you recommend."

Daily Edit Ten

"Science Diet for puppies is what I recommend, and I sell it here. Toby can also have rawhide chew bones to help keep his teeth clean. You also need to brush them every other day. I have the food, and toothbrush and toothpaste here. If you want to get some, I also have some dog treats, which would help keep his teeth clean."

"Thanks, Daddy."

When they arrived at home, Lori put some food and water in the bowls and that was the beginning of her new adventures with Toby.


You can grade them on how they did with their editing. This lesson plan will teach them how to edit their own work.

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