Learning to Share

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Grade Level
Social Studies
Length of Time
30 minutes

This lesson is on teaching students to share.


Students will learn:
To share their toys
To share their crayons

Materials Needed

You will need the short story, Susie Learns to Share, that I wrote.
You will also need the questions over the story. SUSIE LEARNS TO SHARE Sitting in the middle of the play room in the day care home she attended, five-year-old Susie blurted out to Lori, who had wanted to play with her. "No! These are my toys." Susie saw Lori walk over to a corner and sit by herself. Shortly, Susie saw Mindy coming up to Lori and giving her a toy. Mindy sat down and played with Lori. Getting up and walking over to them, Susie sat down and picked up a toy because she wanted to play with some of their toys. "No! You can't play with me," Lori yelled out. Susie ran off by herself and cried. Jamie, the day care provider, walked over to Susie and said, "Susie, come with me and sit down on the sofa. I want to talk with you." As Jamie started to talk to Susie, Susie wiped the tears from her eyes that were rolling down her face. "Susie, why are you upset?" "Lori and Mindy wouldn't let me play with them." "Susie, did you let Lori play with you earlier?" "No." "How do you think Lori felt?" "Sad." "You feel the same way, don't you?" "Yes." "Lori wanted to play with you earlier, but you wouldn't let her. After that, she wouldn't let you play with her. Have you learned anything from that experience?" "Yes. I should have shared my toys with her, because Lori and Mindy are having fun together." "That's right." "I'm not having any fun. I don't have anyone to play with." "I know," her teacher agreed. "Sharing your toys and playing with someone is better than playing alone." "That's right. If you want other children to share their toys with you, then you need to share your toys with them. All of these toys are for everyone to play with." "I'm sorry." Susie muttered, as she looked down. "I know it is hard for you to share your toys since you don't have a brother or sister to play with like most of the other children, but you will find you will be happier if you share your toys." "Okay." After that, Susie walked over to Lori and said, "I'm sorry for not sharing my toys." "That's okay." "Can I play with you and Mindy?" "Sure." Within a few minutes, Susie, Lori, and Mindy began laughing and having fun together. Susie learned that it was better to share her toys than to sit all alone and not play with anyone. Questions for Reading Comprehension 1. Who was the main character in the story? 2. Who were the other characters? 3. Where did the story take place? 4. What happened in the story? 5. What conflict did the main character experience? 6. How did the main character handle his/her problem? 7. What lesson did the main character learn? 8. Did the character's personality change in the story? 9. What did you learn from reading the story? 10. How can you apply what you learned from the story?


First, you will read the short story to the students.

Then, you will discuss the questions over the story.

After that, you will talk about the importance of sharing. You can ask them how they would share with their classmates


You can grade the students on how well they listen to the story.

You can also grade them on how well they answer the questions.

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