Writing a Biography - Part Two

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Grade Level
High School
Length of Time
1 hour

In this lesson, students will gather their information and write their outlines.

You can assign their first draft as homework.


Students will learn:
To do research
How to write an outline for a biography

Materials Needed

History book
Pencils and Erasers and Pens and Whiteouts
Notebook paper


First, students will do their research and gather the information they want to include in their papers.

Then, they need to write an outline so they can use it as a guide when they start writing their paper.

How to Write an Outline?

The outline needs to have a brief statement or statements in an introduction, body, and conclusion so they can use it as a guide in writing their research paper.

How to Write a Biography?

The introduction needs to have the main statement, which is called a thesis statement.

The body needs to include the main points they stated in their thesis statement. Each point needs to be in a separate paragraph.

The conclusion needs to summarize the main points of the biography and end the biography.

If they quote inforation, they need to use quotation marks and cite their references.

Their first draft will be assigned for homework.


You won't have any grading to do yet until they have finished their first draft.

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