Thanksgiving Menu

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Grade Level
Length of Time
Thirty Minutes

This activity allows students to be imaginative and do some creative writing, while learning about history by creating a menu for the first thanksgiving.


The student should understand the idea behind the first thanksgiving- the Native Americans helped the Puritans survive by helping them grow food.

Materials Needed

markers and construction paper.


1. After a lesson on the first thanksgiving or after reading a story about it, discuss as a class what food might have been eaten at the first thanksgiving.

2. Pass out the contruction paper and markers.

3. Have the students create a menu for the first Thanksgiving feast.

4. Have the students discuss why they chose the foods that they did and how they relate to the first Thanksgiving feast, i.e. corn was there because the Native American taught the Puritans how to grow corn.

5. Present the menues up around the room when they are completed.


Use school or district standards to grade students. Make sure to assess their understanding of the history involved.

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