Learning About Evaluation

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Grade Level
Middle School
Reading & Writing
Length of Time
Homework and Class Assignment.

Students will have a non-fiction assignment for homework. They will write two papers on two different topics and hand them in the next class period. Their names should be on their papers. The teacher will pass out the papers to other students and have the students evaluate the work of the two papers.


To learn about evaluation
To evaluate two manuscripts

Materials Needed

Two manuscripts to evaluate
Red pen


Before the students start evaluating their papers, you need to explain how to evaluate.

Students will need to look for the following items: Content, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, paragraph structure, and which paper they believed was written the best.

You will have students write two non-fiction papers on different topics of their choice. Then, they will write their papers at home and submit them to you the next day. Their papers need to have their names on them. After that, you will hand out the papers, but you need to give them to different students so they can evaluate the two papers of the same student. Finally, the students will pass the papers back to you for grading.


You can grade the students on their evaluation and on the papers they wrote.

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