Worksheet On Geometry Terms

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Grade Level
High School
Length of Time
45 minutes

The students are to unscramble the geometry terms that I have listed in the worksheet in this lesson. Then, they are to write out a definition for each of the terms.


To learn how to spell geometry terms
To learn how to define the geometry terms

Materials Needed

The worksheet I have included in this lesson
Pencils and an eraser


First, you will copy the worksheet I have included in this lesson so that each student will have a copy. Then, you will give examples of the different geometric shapes and go over the definitions with the students. After that, you will pass out the worksheet and have the students complete it. You can use this sheet as a worksheet to take home or as a test to do in class without their books. Worksheet On Geometry Terms

Directions: Unscramble each word, and then write a definition for each one.

1. ygoonspl =

2. onagxeh =

3. leganitr =

4. usetob iganrtel =

5. nnnooag =

6. eeiamtdr =

7. aconged =

8. teacu ringelta =

9. aaer =

10. nootacg =

11. aeescln rinalget =

12. rcimuefernec =

13. pestgano =

14. trhgi elgnairt =

15. nogatnep =

16. elcric =

17. suidar =

18. selecsosi rtiagnle =

19. submohr =

20. laretaliuqe elgnairt =

21. paallrelgroam =

22. legnatcer =

23. laretalirdauq =

24. aeusqr =

25. diozepart = Solution To Word Scramble

1. Polygons

2. Hexagon

3. Triangle

4. Obtuse Triangle

5. Nonagon

6. Diameter

7. Decagon

8. Acute Triangle

9. Area

10. Octagon

11. Scalene Triangle

12. Circumference

13. Septagon

14. Right Triangle

15. Pentagon

16. Circle

17. Radius

18. Isosceles Triangle

19. Rhombus

20. Equilateral Triangle

21. Parallelogram

22. Rectangle

23. Quadrilateral

24. Square

25. Trapezoid


You can grade the students on the correct spelling of each term.

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