Word Scramble on The Hobbit

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Grade Level
High School
Length of Time
45 minutes/homework

In this lesson, the students will have a worksheet where they will have to unscramble the words. The words are in the book, The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. After they have unscrambled the words, they will write out a description of the word and who or how it was used in the book.


To unscramble words
To write a description of the words

Materials Needed

The worksheet I have included in this lesson
Pencils and erasers
The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien


First, you need to copy the worksheet so that each student will have a copy. Then, you can have the begin their worksheet in class. If they don't complete the assignment in class, they will need to take it home for homework and complete it. After they have unscrambled the words, they need to write out who the characters were or who lived in the habitat, or any other descriptions they need to add. Then, they will submit the papers to you for grading.


Directions: Unscramble the letters to form the name of the character or his habitat. Then, write a description of who the character was in the book and who lived in the habitat.

1. a m s u g = 2. i n a t u o n m = 3. n i h t r o = 4. b b t o h i = 5. e v s l e = 6. l b b o i g g n s i a b = 7. s o l l r t = 8. g e l a e = 9. l l m u o g = 10. r w d a f = 11. e v c a = 12. s l e o h = 13. n o d a g r = 14. d r w z i a = 15. a a n s y t f = 16. n l e i o t k = 17. s b i l n o g = 18. r a b e v = 19. d l o g n g i r = 20. a a f l n d g =


You can grade them on the correct spelling of the words and their description they write for each word.

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