Learning About Asia

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Grade Level
Middle School
Social Studies
Length of Time
45 minutes to 1 hour

Students will learn about Asia. Then, they will write a summary of the important facts they learned about the continent.


Students will learn:
About Asia
To discover important facts
To write a paper summarizing important facts about Asia

Materials Needed

Social Studies Book
Notebook Paper
Pencils and Erasers or Pens and White Outs


First, you will teach the students about Asia. They should learn about the continent, the main places in Asia, the products, the climate, and other important facts so they can write an outline for their paper. This outline can be brief, but it needs the important information so they can write their paper.

After they have written their outline, they can write their paper on Asia. They should include important information about the main places in Asia, the products, the climate, and other important information. They should write their paper, so that if someone read it, they would have a better understanding of the continent.

Then, you can collect the papers and grade them.


You can grade the students on the facts about Asia that they included in their paper and on the structure and mechanics.

100 to 90 = A

89 to 80 = B

79 to 70 = C

69 to 60 = D

Below 60 = F

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