Learning Letters

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Grade Level
Reading & Writing
Length of Time
30 to 45 minutes

This lesson plan is on teaching kindergarten children the alphabet. I will give different suggestions on how to teach students the alphabet.


Kindergarten children will:
Say the alphabet
Learn to identify capital letters
Learn to identify small letters
Learn to match capital letters and small letters
Learn to write the letters
Learn when to use a capital letter

Materials Needed

You will need worksheets to help your students identify and write small letters, capital letters, and to match the capital and small letters.


First, you need to teach the children to identify the capital letters. Take small groups of letters at a times such as A to G, H to N, O to U, and V to Z. Then teach the small letters. While you are teaching them the letters, you need to work on saying the alphabet.

You need to keep reviewing each group while learning a new group. Use the worksheets to help students match the capital letters to the small letters in each group I listed.

You can also take objects that begin with letters in that group and have them tell you what letter starts with that object.


You can keep a progress report on the different activities. Check what they know and don\'t know such as identifying capital letters and small letters. Continue working on the areas each student doesn\'t know.

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