Classifying Dog Breeds

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Grade Level
Elementary School
Length of Time
1 hour

Students will classify dogs into different groups such as small breeds, medium breeds, and large breeds.

This lesson is for fourth and fifth grade students. It can also be used for sixth grade students.


Students will learn:
How to classify
About dogs
About research

Materials Needed

Books about dogs
Pencils and Erasers
Notebook paper
Note cards
Construction paper
Dog magazines
Glue Sticks


First, students will look up information about the different breeds of dogs. They can do this through books about dogs or on the Internet.

Then, they will classify the dogs into small, medium, and large breeds.

They will take three pages of notebook book and use one page for each group. They will write the different breeds under the group they belong.

After that, they can take two pieces of construction paper for a front and back cover for their notebook papers.

They can illustrate the front cover by using pictures of dogs they have cut from magazines or draw pictures of dogs.


You can grade the students on their facts and on spelling. They should spell the dog breeds correctly since they are doing the research and writing down the kinds of breeds.

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