Learning Colors

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Grade Level
Reading & Writing
Length of Time
30 minutes

Students will have a worksheet where they will draw a circle and fill it in with the color that they see beside the word.


To learn the basic colors
To learn how they sound
To match the color with the word

Materials Needed

Worksheet I've included in this lesson
Basic crayons - Blue, Red, Black, Brown, Purple, Orange, Green, and Yellow


First, you need to have a poster with the different colors that show the words so that the students can look at the chart if they need to while they work on their worksheet. Then, you need to copy the worksheet that I have included in this lesson. After that, you will give each student a package of crayons that contain the eight basic colors: Blue, Red, Black, Brown, Purple, Orange, Green, and Yellow. Finally, you will give each student a copy of the worksheet so they can draw a colored circle beside each word. When the students have completed their worksheet, you will collect the papers so you can see how they did.

Worksheet on Colors

1. Brown =

2. Blue =

3. Green =

4. Black =

5. Yellow =

6. Red =

7. Orange =

8. Purple =


You can grade the students on the number correct.

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