Team Exercise - History

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Grade Level
High School
Length of Time
45 minutes and Homework

Students will write their own questions about a specific topic related to history, so they can present them to the opposite team. Each team needs to let the other team know the area they selected, so they can prepare ahead of time. The teacher will keep score, so the students will know which team won.


To create questions over specific topics in history
To answer the questions over the specific topics in history
To present their questions to the opposing team
To take a written test over the questions that the teams present in class

Materials Needed

History book
Note Cards
Pens or pencils


First, you need to divide the students into teams of equal numbers. Then, the students in each team need to gather and discuss what area of history they want to present to the other team. For example, they can select a specific state they may have studied and ask questions related to that state. Their topic must be over some area they have already studied in class, and each team needs to inform the other team the area they selected, so they know what to study in order to prepare for the exercise. After that, need to start writing down different questions and the answers so they will be prepared to present the questions and know the correct answers. Then, each team needs to present their questions and answers to you, so you can look them over to make sure all of the information is accurate. While you have the questions and answers, you can make up a test for the class to take after each team has presented their questions. By giving them a written test will show you if the students have mastered the information they presented to the other team as well as their own questions and answers.


You can grade the students on the accuracy of their questions and answers they presented to the other team and on their written tests.

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