Unscramble the Letters - Mammals

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Grade Level
Elementary School
Length of Time
45 minutes

In this lesson, you will have a worksheet for students to unscramble words of mammals such as kangaroos, bats, apes, rabbits, and other mammals.


Students will learn:
To unscramble words of mammals
To spell the words correctly
To write the words in sentences

Materials Needed

You will need the worksheet and answer sheet that I have included in this lesson plan. Worksheet for Mammals Directions: Unscramble the letters of these words. Then write sentences for each word. 1. ooaarnKg 2. sBta 3. seAp 4. bbtiaRs 5. eciM 6. sCta 7. gosD 8. raeBs 9. eEhpnastl 10. eeDr 11. ffseairG 12. lsemCa 13. sarHe 14. saRt 15. mMmlaas 16. nkyseoM 17. pPeeol 18. salliroG 19. sionL 20. sregiT Answer Shee to Mammals 1. Kangaroo 2. Bats 3. Apes 4. Rabbits 5. Mice 6. Cats 7. Dogs 8. Bears 9. Elephants 10. Deer 11. Giraffes 12. Camels 13. Hares 14. Rats 15. Mammals 16. Monkeys 17. People 18. Gorillas 19. Lions 20. Tigers


First, you will need to give the students the worksheet. The students are to unscramble the words, and then write sentences for each word.

Then, you will give them the answers.


You can grade them on each correct word they unscrambled and spelled correctly.

You can also grade them on the sentences they wrote. Check for sentence structure, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

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