Making Valentine's Day Cards

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Grade Level
Length of Time
45 minutes

Students will make Valentine's Day cards.


Students will learn:
To be creative

Materials Needed

Small pieces of felt - Red and White - Heart Shapes
White construction paper
Glue sticks
Markers or crayons


First, you will pass out a piece of white construction paper to each student.

Then, you will pass out one red and one white heart shaped piece to each student.

After that, you can explain to the students that they can fold the construction paper in half to make a card.

You can also write Happy Valentine's Day on the board so that students can copy the words on the front of their cards.

Then, they can take the heart shaped felt pieces and glue them onto the front of their cards.

On the inside, they can use crayons or markers and draw a picture for their parents.

Then, they can sign their names at the bottom of their picture.


You can grade them on how well they followed directions.

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